Mobile Friendliness Is Now Mission Critical


Is your website Google Mobile Friendly readyAs of June 2016, to coincide with Google’s announcement of their new mobile testing tool, it’s now more important than ever to also pay attention to the mobile speed score of your website. In addition to simply looking at design elements, Google will now also be looking at the performance of your mobile page as a ranking factor.

Don’t Waste Money

I’m sure you’ve stumbled upon a website that isn’t mobile-friendly before. You’re on the go, checking out a new restaurant’s menu before stopping in. You have to pinch & zoom on each section of the website to read anything or even navigate the website. God forbid your fingers are any larger than a small child’s or you’ll end up tapping on the wrong link.

Believe it not, many smart phone users won’t even put in the effort to browse a website that isn’t formatted for mobile. And why should they? Odds are they can hop right back to the search results and go to one of your competitors who does have a site that’s easy to navigate.

Mobile Shopping is Taking Over

The mobile-friendliness issue become even more imperative when we step in to the online shopping arena. Online shoppers have quickly started to favor using their mobile devices when browsing and buying products online.

IBM reported that that mobile traffic exceeded PC internet traffic for the first time: 52.1 percent to 47.9 percent on Black Friday, 2014. That number has grown steadily over the last several years and now there are more searches and more traffic on mobile devices than on desktop computers.

You want to make it as easy as possible for people to spend money and complete the sale. Their mobile shopping experience is of utmost importance here. Online shops already have enough issues with conversion rates for their desktop visitors. Show them their conversion rates for mobile visitors on their non-mobile-friendly website and they will certainly be unhappy.

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