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Search engines are constantly updating and upgrading and so too should your Internet marketing campaigns. Content that compels site visitors to stay on site, gather more information, and move toward conversions is absolutely vital for your website success. Our SEO website content development service not only improves your SEO, as well as Paid Search (PPC), it drives your customers toward that all important final decision to do business with you.

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Your website content must be:
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We work with you to create the story of your company and what it is that you do for your customers. Our SEO content devlopment is designed for on page topic relevancy that search engines love for both organic rankings and paid search metrics. Our professional content writing services combines your website’s purpose with your customers’ requirements. Our powerful content creation encourages your customers to stay on your website, gather more information about your products or services, and ultimately buying from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Content is all the elements that make up the web pages (and posts if you are using WordPress) that are within your website. Content includes, text, images, videos, infographics, PDFs, and any other documents that users can access.

We create content using a number of methods. We write original content for web pages and posts. We also use curated content to develop timely and relevant posts that directly speak to your customers about their issues and your solutions. We find pertinent images that create a visual feeling related to the page or post topics. We also produce infographics that many people find useful in explaining large topics. We can produce short explainer and review videos as well, although we are not a video production company.

First, every article we produce is at least 500 words in length. For top level pages (not posts) we may use up to 2000 words. We recommend that you send us original images whenever possible. We can choose images for you, however, you will need to pay for the images separately.

Curated content consists of attributed web pages where we gather snippets of text, video or images. Attribution comes from linked text back to the original article. All search engines approve of curated content; it is used on all major news sites including CNN, Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, Fox News, ESPN and others. We surround the curated content with original text to create a very readable and informative article. All our articles are immediately submitted to search engines and they are always approved.

The number of articles we generate for you depends on the services package you choose. The minimum number of articles we will create is 4 per month.

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