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Don’t settle! We make certain your website design and website development results in a highly tuned and effective business tool. Our team of experienced web design and developers create websites that are laser focused on your business. We custom build every website with images, text, layout and Schema Markup that will entice your target market to view your information, then convert into a paying customers.

Micro And Startup Business Websites

If you own a Startup or Micro business, we’ve developed a special service for website design and development for your business. We’ve developed a large number of niche specific website themes for all types of industries. Our pricing is well below or price for the typical Small or Medium sized business. Our Micro and Startup Business websites are priced in the hundreds of dollars, not thousands.

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If you already have a website and it is running properly, then you may not need a new site. We always perform a thorough website analysis before we begin any marketing campaign. We want to be absolutely certain your current website will have all the necessary features, architecture, and content to compete in your market. If our research indicates that your site is not up to standard, we will recommend that you acquire a new website.

We custom design every website. We know what design types work for specific markets and industries, so we keep your site visitors in mind. Since we do custom work, we cannot quote a website price without first analyzing your business and your requirements. Following our initial consultation we research your business, your market, and your competition to create the best website plan for you. Most website projects start at $3,000 and move upward in price from there. The main factors in pricing are the size of your website, special features, and the necessary content to correctly build your site. If you own a Micro Business or a Startup Business, please review the next question in this sequence.

Yes, we can! We have developed a special division within our company to work with Micro Businesses and Startups. We can create a very nice website for most market niches plus we have unique Internet Marketing campaigns to help get you started. Our typical SEO and Internet Marketing campaigns have a pricing that starts $1,500 per month. A basic small business website pricing starts at $3,000. We can now offer you a customized and attractive site starting at $300. If you are serious about developing your business the right way, from day one – Call us at (503)828- 6268 for a complimentary consultation.

Depending upon the complexity of your website, the design and development of your site will require 30 to 60 days. When your site is completed, we want you to be very very happy. We employ a series of tasks with checkpoints for each phase of your website design and development. First we develop a strategic plan, then create your website design, develop your website with emphasis on site visitor usability, and perform quality tests and any necessary debugging. Finally, we implement your website launch, also known as “go live.”

One significant factor in the time to completion for a website is the content delivery. If you will be supplying content, please deliver in a timely manner so we can finish on time and on budget.

We use a number of development tools, including HTML design and development using Dreamweaver, CSS, PHP, Javascript and WordPress for the front end and content management. Because we use WordPress for so much of our development, we have streamlined many activities in the development phase. Additionally, WordPress always requires additional program add-ins called Plugins. We carefully test and use only the best and safest plugins to ensure optimum performance and safety.

Yes, we’ve used several hosting services over the years and we have narrowed preferred hosting to a few of the very top providers. We use only VPS hosting for our own website(s) and recommend the same for your business site. VPS is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Server. The value in a VPS comes from the exclusive use of a server space managed by the hosting service. Your website will avoid the conflicts that arise from the typical shared hosting. VPS hosting costs slightly more than shared hosting, but is so much faster, safer, and more secure.

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