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Why Don’t My Leads Convert Into Customers?

This is a question that can really disrupt your day and your sleep. Getting people to recognize and trust your brand is time consuming and can be elusive. Business owners ask us every day about how to convert prospects (aka leads) into paying customers. So we asked the question: What do you find to be the most frequent reason for your leads not to convert?

  • A: They don’t trust your business
  • B: You are not established as a market leader
  • C: Your service is too expensive
  • D: Time is not right

How To Get Leads To Convert Into Customers

Although there are many ways to approach this question, it seems that all the possibilities listed above can be correct. However, when people are surveyed about why they buy or don’t buy from a service provider, the same word keeps cropping up, “Trust.” So what can you do to gain prospective client’s trust?

Here are some ideas to gain trust rapidly.

1. Provide a Service for Free

Choose a service you provide that will have high perceived value but low cost to you to fulfill. An example for a plumber would be to “Winterize” hose spigots for home owners. People forget about their hose spigots, then find out in the spring that their hose spigots is cracked or broken from freezing. This is a perfect opportunity for you to volunteer to winterize outdoor hose spigots to prevent damage during the winter. Advertise on Facebook or, for less money, add a post about your free service, then use Facebook Post Boost to get more people to see your post. This is one of the fastest and most effective methods for getting brand recognition and converting leads to customers.

2. Offer Incredible Service

Post on your website that you will see any customer who calls during business hours, before the end of the business day. This can be difficult at first and you may be working some extra hours, but you will really make points with new customers and get rave reviews for your “rapid service.” Those top reviews, especially Google reviews will boost your brand rapidly and pass instant trust to prospective customers.

3. Be Honest

Often we don’t want to be the person who tells someone the “bad news.” However, as a service business owner, try to cushion the bad news with positive information. “If we replace your water heater today, you will have consistent hot water for years, and your gas/electric bill will be much less. Also, you’ll save on expensive repairs from either me or another plumber.” This example gives, first the news, then the good news. Tell your prospective client up front about their options and the consequences for their choices and they will appreciate your candor and honesty.

4. Follow Up With More Free Offers, Service, and Honesty

Sometimes those leads are just plain slow to commit. Don’t give up, continue to contact them with the same types of services your offered previously. Let them know that you are still in business and ready to serve. They may have misplaced your business card, forgot your phone number, or just become to busy with daily life. Part of your job as a business owner is to keep your brand active with continuous contact.

These tips are just one of many methods you can use to get creative and help “onboard” your leads by going from cold to warm to hot, turning them from prospects to paying customers.

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