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Google Announces And Goes Live With Mobile-Friendliness & Page Speed Tool

Now It Is Easier For Businesses To Measure Website Compliance

The new Google user friendly tool is now active; announced by Google on June 2, 2016, this new tool measures the Google Mobile Friendly results along with Page Speed for both Mobile and for Desktop versions or websites. For those of us who’ve been in the website marketing and SEO industry prior to Google’s rise to power, this marks a dramatic and welcomed improvement in Google’s relationship with website owners. More about this important topic below.

From Search Engine Land, June 2nd, 2016 . . .

Google announced on the Google Small Business blog that they have released a new landing page to test your website’s mobile-friendliness and page speed for desktop and mobile all in one place. This tool should make it easier for small businesses to test their sites, as opposed to going to the specific mobile-friendly testing tool and/or page speed testing tool.

The new tool, available now, will test this all at the same time. The unique aspects of this tool are:

(1) Get all three scores on one page.

(2) Google will email you a more comprehensive report for you to share with your webmaster team.

(3) Google will now give you a 0 out of a 100 score for how mobile-friendly your website is, as opposed to if it is mobile-friendly or not.

Here is what the scores say:

Mobile-friendliness: This is the quality of the experience customers have when they’re browsing your site on their phones. To be mobile-friendly, your site should have tappable buttons, be easy to navigate from a small screen and have the most important information up front and center.
Mobile speed: This is how long it takes your site to load on mobile devices. If customers are kept waiting for too long, they’ll move on to the next site.
Desktop speed: This is how long it takes your site to load on desktop computers. It’s not just the strength of your customers’ web connection that determines speed, but also the elements of your website.

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Why Is The Mobile Friendly Tool Important?


You Now Know For Certain The Good Or Bad News

There is no feeling of ambiguity here! With a ratings scale of 0 to 100 for each of the 3 areas measured, you will know instantly where you need to improve your site. The Google Friendly and Page Speed Tool (GFPS Tool) comes with an optional downloadable PDF report. Be prepared for some heavy duty technical bullet points for each area that needs improvement.

Get Improvement Insights

For website developers, like us, this is the best news possible, because for the first time we can actually get all the important metrics for a website along with recommendations on how to improve a website for Mobile Friendliness plus Mobile Page Speed and Desktop Page Speed. This is a long awaited feature from Google and offers quick methods for boosting a website usability.

We Can Do This For You

If you noticed the last sentence above that ends with “elements of your website”? This refers to your website architecture and some major ‘under the hood’ factors. Areas that are frequently cited as needing improvement are:

  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • Calls to Server

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