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Understanding Google My Business

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Google My Business: What You Need to Know

On June 11, Google Places became Google My Business. More than an exercise in rebranding, the name change heralded several important changes.

Google+ integration has been improved. Google My Business (GMB) has been integrated with Google+ Local, the business listing that used to appear for local businesses in Google+. As a result, there’s no longer any confusion between Google Place listings and Google+ All the information is right there in Google+.

In its official announcement, Google said the purpose of GMB is to bring together all the services Google can offer business. Google seems to have its sights set on small businesses, with a particular focus on those that have yet to claim their listings. Google’s promotional headlines — like “Get your business on Google for free” — are aimed at non-users. However, GMB is also the default dashboard for former Places and Google+ users.

NOTE: Google has now turned off Google+. If you have not moved your local search efforts to Google My Business, you are losing customers, clients, or patients every day.

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How Can Google My Business Help You

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How Google My Business Works for Your Small Business

Google recently rolled out an upgrade to the Google+ dashboard called Google My Business.  Active Google+ users may have noticed this upgrade in the top right hand corner of their Google+ page next to the +Name and before the notifications bell.  The icon appears as a small set of nine squares and when clicked, gives you an immediate view into popular Google products.  While this icon isn’t new, Google My Business has a few new and noteworthy features.  So, let’s take a click.

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Video: How Google My Business Works – Local SEO Tips Included

Strategies To Improve Your GMB Listing

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6 Tips for Improving Your Google My Business (GMB) Listing

Learn how to improve your Google My Business listing with helpful tips that will boost your local SEO & grow your business’s visibility on search engines.

Claiming a Google My Business (GMB) listing (also formerly known as Google Places) is the first step for any small business owner looking to perform local SEO. Getting started with GMB is a must for local businesses and something that will increase your chances of being shown on Google’s Local Pack, Local Finder, Google Maps, and even in organic rankings.

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