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Google My Business Management

We can help you create your Google My Business listing from the very start and get your listing verified. We can create all the assets needed for an accurate listing that will display your business at its best. We specialize in Google My Business account set up, management, and online promotional campaigns. We help your Google My Business get the most visibility possible.
Got Questions? We have a number of Q & A sections with most frequently asked questions below.

Google My Business (GMB) is a profile that displays on the right side of Google search results when someone searches for your local business or local keywords related to your business. GMB includes things like hours, contact information, services you offer, posts that you generate, your business review status and links to customre reviews, images that you upload to your GMB account, and promotions.

Taking advantage of your Google My Business profile is the best way to increase your local visibility on Google, and we’ll show you exactly what to do.

Google My Business Verification is a process for claiming your business account. Google wants to know if you truly own the business you are listing in your GMB account. Verification for most businesses includes requesting a post card from Google that contains a 6 digit code. Once you receive the code, you enter it into a designated entry form. After you enter the verifiction, you truly “own” your GMB listing.

Creating a website inside your Google My Business is optional. Your official GMB website appears when people locate your business listing on Google Search and Maps. If your business has an existing website you can choose that site, what we refer to as your “main site”, as your GMB listing website. The site you select gives site visitors and potential customers the opportunity to view your business servcies or products that you offer. We recommend you do create a strong GMB website inside your GMB account and use this to promote your main website.

A Google My Business post is a short container of content that provides an opportunity for you to publish your services, products, special offerings, and events directly to Google Search and Maps. By creating posts, you can place your promotional text, photos, or videos into your Google listing that will be displayed to prospective customers when they find your Google My Business.

Google encourages you to upload images that show your business location, your staff members, interactions with customers, and on the job photos and videos. Google will display your images and videos to help people find your business across all Google search types, including in organic search and Google Maps. Google has very broad rules on the use of images and videos, however, they must be related to your business offerings. By uploading images that you provide, we can give your Google My Business listing a big boost in the Google listings.

Google My Business Services FAQ

We offer a number of Google My Business (GMB) services, including GMB Account creation, Google My Business Management, GMB posting, and GMB online marketing campaign. We also have additional services that can boost your Google My Business visibility with Reputation and Reviews Management. Each service has its own pricing and we have package pricing as well. .

Google My Business Set Up – Non Current Website or SEO client: $497.00 one time fee.

Google MY Business Set Up – Website or current SEO Client: $197.00 one time fee.

Google My Business Maintenance – Monthly ongoing services: $49.00 per month.

Google My Business Maps Listing Visibility – Customized by Population and Industry: Starting at $747.00 per month.

Full Google My Business SEO Package: Starting at $1997.00 per month.

Depending upon the size of the Google My Business campaign, we ask that you allow two working weeks to create all the assets necessary for a GMB account.

Google does not make it easy to create a Google My Business account without an address. We recommend that you at, bare minimum, have an address at a real location within your service area. A “real location” for Google is a business location like a restaurant or physician, a home, an apartment, or an industrial building. Google My Business will not verify use of a postal office box number, a mail box facility, or a shared office workspace.

We’ve been working with Google My Business since it first was offered in 2014. Prior to that, we’ve been creating business websites and ranking them in the Google Organic Search since the origins of Google in the late 1990’s. Our business site, and the business websites for our clients are all featured in the Google Maps listings. You will be hard pressed to find a GMB Services Agency that has more success or experience with Google My Business.

The Google “3 Pack” is a term used in the Internet marketing industry that really means the “top 3 listings in the Google Maps Listings.” The answer to your question about maps listings is complex because the GMB visibility is very dependent upon your business actions. In order to “rank” in the top 3 spots on the GMB Maps listings you must have a strong main website, business activity demonstrated by images, GMB posts, and positive Reviews. We provide services to help boost your visibility in the Google Maps listings, aka the Google 3 Pack, in our GMB Visibility packages.

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