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Technical Website Analysis

Use Our Technical Website Analysis To Improve Your Site


How Can I Find Out What Needs Improving On My Website?

We provide Technical Website Analysis as a separate service for business owners who need to know where certain aspects of their website may need improvements. Typically websites that are not performing have at least some issues that require upgrades. This can be as serious as poor website structure to items that are much easier to edit, like H tags or incorrect page references. No website is perfect, however, making improvements to the underlying structure or web page code can make a big difference in how search engines interpret a website.

Note: This service is available ONLY to clients who have taken advantage of our Complimentary Consultation. If you are a new client, please – Schedule Your Conversation to speak with us before we begin this service.

What’s Included In A Technical Website Analysis?

When we perform a technical website analysis, we examine a number of factors that impact performance. A technical website analysis is an examination of the website itself, it does not investigate outside influences like number of links, amount of traffic, social media, reviews, or other “off-site” factors.

Included in the Technical Website Analysis are examination of:

  • Internal Web Page entities, like the web page address, title text, title length and whether or not pages are indexable
  • External factors like JavaScript code and names of primary web pages that link to the website
  • Protocol entities like canonical code and Robots.txt
  • Response codes to see if all web pages will open correctly
  • Several other important factors we examine are: Meta Description, H1, and H2 tags, Page Load time – all total 30 different factors

How Can I Purchase A Technical Website Analysis?

The fee for a Basic Technical Website Analysis is $275.00. You can pay using your Credit Card or PayPal.

Note: A Technical Website Analysis requires some time to gather all information and analyze it. Please allow 5 working days to complete your project, although it typically takes two to three days. The larger the website, the longer the analysis process.

If you have questions, please call us at (503)828-6268 or send us an email using our Contact Us form.

We offer this service ONLY to clientele who have completed our Complimentary Consultation. We find out what your online marketing needs – then we create a winning marketing campaign for you.