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Video Maker For GMB Listings Released

Google My Business released a new video maker during the week of Christmas, 2020. The setup process is remarkably simple. After feeding the software the name of your business, you will need to fill out a brief questionnaire. The video maker then pulls reviews and photos from your GMB account profile to create a video for you. You are allowed to review the video and make changes. Once you’re happy with what you’ve got, you can download it and do whatever you’d like with it, including upload it to YouTube or social media. Vancouver WA SEO can set up your GMB video and copy it to your YouTube account for greater visibility.

Google December 2020 Core Update Information

Sometimes it’s worth reminding people that Google uses millions of algorithms to determine which websites get presented in response to the searches users submit. When a core update rolls out, it’s not like a single formula has been tweaked. Trying to tease an overall goal out of such a convoluted mishmash of sophisticated brain work almost seems hopeless. That is nevertheless our exact intent. Google is now far more transparent than they were a few years ago. They will inform the public of updates to algorithms and the basic purpose for the update. In most cases, quality web pages are elevated in search results jumping in rankings over poor web pages.

For some background information, there have been core updates in the past that were so easy to reverse engineer that step-by-step guides explaining how to game the system were available a few weeks after the updates were released. With this core update, some sights rose while others fell, but industry watchers aren’t even close to a consensus on the logic that is driving the changes that have taken place.

This is not to say that no obvious trends exist. Ask anyone running an alternative medicine website if they’ve noticed any changes associated with the latest update. They’re getting killed. It’s just that, aside from a few niche industries that seem to have been singled out, the existence of a broader rationale has been remarkably difficult to ascertain this time around.

Interpreting Google’s Intentions

The only sense that we make of the seemingly unpredictable ways sites have reacted to the latest batch of algorithms is that Google has improved its ability to identify information that is perfectly applicable to the queries it receives. Search results have been reordered accordingly.

This is not actually surprising. Google has been pouring time and money into natural language processing over the past few years. It has been expanding the implementation of its BERT algorithm since 2018 and has more ambitious natural language algorithms on the horizon. Just listen to the type of things Google employees say when they discuss the future of search. They’ve been talking about building a Star Trek computer in public for over ten years.

Longer-term trends also seem to be in play. For every additional year that Google exists, the larger the data set it has to empirically determine the character of the links on a website and the strength of its content. As always, having relevant, high-quality information is the best thing any website can possess to get in Google’s good graces. What seems to be going on with this core update is that Google has improved its ability to determine which high-quality websites best align with searches that users are giving it, including Google My Business websites. You can click the following link to view the Vancouver WA SEO Google My Business .

Knowing How Google Search Works Improves Your Visibility

Despite all the angst and “Google watching” that goes on, we’ve been able to help businesses improve their online visibility by continuing to provide solid online marketing campaigns. For local businesses, our SEO techniques work with Google, not against it. We may not know exactly how Google works, but we do make every effort to comply with Google algorithmic rules and exceed the Google algorithms’ expectations.

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