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We get a lot of questions about Google Maps, especially how to use Google My Maps effectively. Questions like, “Do Google My Maps help rankings?” are a common thread in My Maps discussions. The answer is “Yes”, with the caveat, “If you use them properly.” We create Google My Maps for our Internet Marketing clients, in fact we often create several Google My Maps.
Google My Maps can used to help answer questions, like: “Who is the best SEO in Vancouver Washington.”

What Is A Business’ Google Map?

Google will automatically create a “Google Map” for your business when you create a Google My Business account. Note: your account must be Verified for the map to become visible in search. Your business Google Map is a map that defines the geographical target for your business. The map will include a border that defines the service area for your business. Typically, this is a city, multiple cities, county or counties, and even states. You have no control over the appearance of this map and you cannot edit the map directly.

Here’s an example of a Google Map for our company, Vancouver WA SEO, serving Clark County and Cowlitz County, Washington


What Is A Google My Maps?

“Google My Maps” are maps that you can create yourself, or have a professional agency create for you. Google My Maps are not difficult to create, but they require considerable work if you want an attractive map display. With Google My Maps, you can create a border, color the interior area inside the border, add map pins, and add labels and descriptions to your Google My Maps. You cannot make these edits to your business’ Google Map.

What Does A Google My Maps Look Like?

Here’s one of our Google My Maps in Vancouver Washington.


Do Google Maps Or Google My Maps Have Ranking?

The answer to that is “Kind of.” Neither Google Maps not Google My Maps have direct rankings. If you search for “[maps my company my city my state]” your results can be quite varied, but in most cases, the Google search engine will return your Google My Business account on the right side of the screen when using a desktop computer. The Organic Search results will display your web pages if your site pages are indexed on Google. However, your Google Map and any Google My Maps you have created will not display.


What Makes The Google My Maps Significant?

Given the fact that creating a Google My Maps can take from one to three hours, why do we use Google My Maps if they do not rank on the search engines? Great question. The answer is:

Google My Maps Description Can Contain:

  • Business Name, Address, Phone Number (collectively nicknamed NAP)
  • Links to your website
  • Keywords that associate your map to your website/business


The Real SEO Power of Google My Maps

Once you have created a Google My Maps you can embed the map, so it is viewable, on web pages. Here are some of the web locations where you can embed your Google My Maps:

  • Web 2.0 sites, like Blogger and Tumblr
  • Google Sites
  • Google Docs
  • Google Slides
  • Google PDFs
  • Google Forms
  • Blog Articles
  • Websites That You Own


Google My Maps Is Basically Using Google To Create More Business Visibility

You may have noticed the list above contains a number of Google properties. Our embed strategy takes advantage of Google’s preference for its own entities. Google gives itself very
high Authority and since Authority is a major factor in ranking web pages, Google is actually helping us “pass Authority” to any links within the Google My Maps.

Every Google property, including Google Sites, Docs, Spreadsheets, Forms, PDFs, Slides, and My Maps have the highest Authority possible. By embedding a Google My Maps into any of these Google properties you are passing Authority from the host page (example: A Google Site) to the Google My Maps, which passes Authority to links within its Description. The linked pages within the Google My Maps then receive more Authority from the powerful Google links.

Schematic Diagram Of An Embedded Google My Maps Passing Authority

Google My Maps passing google authority


As you can see, Google My Maps are a valuable tool to help your site gain more visibility and higher search engine rankings. Google My Maps are a real asset when geo targeting local Google search.


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The Google Maps listings are the top organic listings in a “three pack” display. This is often called the Google Local Search rankings or “3 Pack.”
The best method for improving your visibility in Google Maps listings is to develop your Branding by improving your Google My Business (GMB) account with complete and accurate Business information including Categories and Services. Also, create a GMB website that has meaningful content about your business. Then add images and GMB posts to your Google My Business account. Local Google Maps listings require continuous activity so keep adding fresh material to your website, too.