Do I Need A Brand Marketing Campaign For SEO?

We are receiving more questions about brand and branding for business. It is now a hot topic and will continue to be so for, well, forever. In past years, the search engines were not sophisticated enough to sift through all the data on the web. Now, however, the primary search engines, like Google and Bing (Yahoo! too) can determine which web business brands are being mentioned, followed, and are getting traffic to their websites. Social media, Web 2.0, and blog properties that carry your brand also contribute to your online success.

At Vancouver WA SEO, we not only rank your website on the search engines, we build your brand. In fact, brand building is a built in component of all our digital marketing campaigns! Contact us or call 503-828-6268 to schedule an appointment for a conversation (complimentary of course) about your online business.

Here’s some very compelling information from Kissmetrics.

Why Entrepreneurs Cannot Ignore Their Company’s Brand

“Our brand is strong”

“Brand equity”

“Our brand is admired around the world”

These words and phrases make most entrepreneurs and employees roll their eyes. They view brand as an overused term that means very little to the world outside the company.

But your brand may be the most valuable asset your company has. It’s also the most fragile.

Here’s why a brand is so important, what can happen when a brand is damaged, and how to create a great brand.

What is a Brand?
“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos

A company brand is an intangible asset because it is not a physical object. This is opposed to a tangible asset, such as your company office and company equipment.

And while it is not a physical asset that you can look at or hold onto or assign value to, it is perhaps the most valuable and fragile piece your company owns. One mistake or PR blunder and your brand, and thus your company, will be damaged.

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This video from our colleague Gary Vancerchuck discusses why branding is vital in today’s digital marketing.

It is very clear the search engines are making a concerted push to display business websites that have a serious branding campaign. We can help your business achieve excellent online branding. We use a variety of strategies and we’ll customize a program that works for you.

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