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Vancouver WA SEO is a Digital Marketing Agency specializing in SEO for businesses in Vancouver Washington and surrounding communities. We are dedicated to improving your online business, bringing visitors to your site so you get more customers and improve your profits. For your business to become successful online, you need website traffic, visitor conversions, and sales. We help you achieve those goals with our Internet Marketing programs.

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What is SEO?

One of the primary methods for getting more online business is to improve your website visibility using Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO. You may be asking, “What is SEO and why do I need it?” SEO is a combination of strategy(ies) plus the implementation of techniques that improve search engine assessment of web pages. Every web page on the Internet is analyzed and graded independently by search engines. Your website is a collection of web pages and each page is analyzed for a position within the search engine listings. Whenever someone performs an online search, a search engine will retrieve the highest rated web pages for viewing. The pages that are returned for viewing are called the Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs.

If the searcher is using the Google search engine, then Google will return the most relevant pages for that search. Since Google controls approximately two thirds of all web searches, most website owners make a serious effort to rank highly in the Google SERPs. Because Google is the dominant force in website traffic from search engines, if your website isn’t found in the Google search results, you are losing a huge amount of business.

At Vancouver WA SEO we utilize extensive research, analytics, and proven optimization techniques to improve how the Google search engine (and others) rates your website. Making your website visible with high ratings, also known as rankings, gives your website the best chance to get people to visit your website. The number of visits to your website is known as traffic. A website without traffic is like a road without cars and search engine optimization is the key to achieving quality traffic to your website. Our dedicated staff at Vancouver WA SEO provide personalized service with a customized campaign to improve the performance of your website.

Watch the video below to get a better idea of SEO.

Why Does My Website Need High Rankings?

High rankings on the SERPs, particularly the Google search engine, are not the ultimate goal of your Internet marketing SEO campaign. The real concrete value comes from the clicks that result from high rankings. Research has proven conclusively that web pages that have high rankings on Google get far more clicks, also known as click throughs, than low ranking web pages. Once a searcher clicks on your web page, you now have an opportunity to do business with them. It’s as simple as someone walking in the front door of a business and shopping.

Statistics from the Chitika Insights research firm, found the Number One ranking position web page will receive 32.5% of the clicks for a given search term. The number two position will receive 17.6% and the number three position will receive 11.4% of the click throughs. The first three positions in a Google search will receive 61.5% of all the clicks for a given search. Sites listed on the first Google search results page generate 92% of all traffic from an average search. When looking at Page 2 of the searches, clicks for traffic decreased by 95%, then again by 78% and 58% for the following pages. Page 2 search traffic amounted to only 3.5% of all the traffic for a given search. Page 3 and Page 4 search traffic are so low that they are considered completely useless for bringing in viable business traffic. This particular study is considered the most authoritative because it contained millions of web searches.

According to Chitika, “To quantify this study, Chitika Insights examined tens of millions of online ad impressions in which the user was referred to the page via a Google search.”

More SEO Benefits!

An Optimized Website Equals More Business

A website built utilizing the fundamentals of SEO produces better rankings for relevant keywords. Your position above your competitors in search engine results will result in more traffic. Traffic equals conversions for functionally sound and optimized website. SEO is your key to more traffic, more leads, more sales.

Better Results Equal a Better Image

A website ranking higher in search results for relevant keywords is seen as a leader in the industry. People trust Google and have a perception that a high rank in searches means that Google rates this website higher and more trustworthy than the others below it. The higher your fully optimized website ranks, the more authority your website commands in the eyes of visitors.

Optimization Equals Reduced Costs

Spending money to build a website that nobody visits is an asset depletion. A fully customized, optimized website will rank higher. A high-ranking website will produce more visitors. More visitors mean more results. More results mean more conversions, leads and sales. A beautiful website without visitors is like building a luxury hotel where nobody ever makes a reservation to visit.

What Are Google Ranking Factors?

Vancouver WA SEO can boost your site with our expert knowledge of the Google ranking factors Google has released a list of the top 200+ ranking factors. These are the individual elements that make up a complete “ranking” or SERPs listing. Google is reluctant to release a numerical ranking for its ranking factors, however, there is a great deal of research on this topic, so reliable information is available. Here is a list of some of the most important ranking factors in order of importance.


“We are absolutely confident that links are the single biggest ranking factor. But link building is hard. It’s hard to get people to link to you. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact value of an individual link. Most websites benefit more from links than from any other single ranking factor, but it will suck up a disproportionate amount of time and resource if you don’t manage it carefully.” Source: Branded3.

We routinely observe that the highest ranking websites have the best linking. The top ranked sites have higher quality links from other authoritative sites. Quantity is less important than the quality of the site sending a link to your website.


According to a Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google, Andrey Lipattsev, content is one of the very top most important list for Google ranking factors. Content has always been a critical factor for successfully ranking a website. The search industry has a saying, “Content is King” and that is certainly true. What has changed in the arena of content is the way we now work with more natural language text with less emphasis on cramming key search terms (keywords) into the content on a web page.

Mobile First

Google has shifted its priorities for search from desktop to mobile devices. Why? User experience is now the key to getting better rankings. There are now more searches on mobile devices, like cell phones, than there are on desktop computers. This shift in the user marketplace was the driving force behind Google’s dramatic move to downgrade the importance of search on desktops. This means that website developers and SEO professionals, like Vancouver WA SEO, now focus on rankings on mobile devices first, then look at the rankings on desktop. However, there is a very very close relationship between mobile and desktop rankings in the organic search, so we know that ranking on all devices will closely approximate each other.

What We Do For You

SEO is a complex process. It involves research, analysis, and planning along with meticulous implementation. There are several “steps”” in each phase of an SEO campaign. First and foremost, we adhere to and closely follow the Google guidelines for websites. We do not use an so-called black hat, spammy, or unethical techniques on your website or for any off-site SEO activity.

Here are just some of the steps we use for SEO:

Website Audit for Local Business

We always analyze your website. We examine several factors including:

  • Links and website authority
  • Local business listings
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Google My Business
  • On-Site SEO
  • Mobile optimization
  • Content Analysis
  • Analytics
  • Social Channels

Content Creation and Syndication

Although Google algorithms are constantly changing one metric that has always been the Number One ranking factor is Web Page Content. Content is King! Measuring different metrics in different proportion to deliver the most relevant search results for their user. Google reads content and relates its relationship to your website as relevant or irrelevant. The weight of the content method has changed over time, but it has always been a metric that is used for ranking a website. The value of content is viable, real and essential for a website. Content along with links that point to your website are two metrics that Google uses to rank your website and its pages.

Rich Relevant Content

We produce relevant rich content for your website ensuring that site visitors will find the content interesting and relevant to their needs. We attempt to make every page “conversion oriented” so site visitors will want to find out more about your business and call you, fill out a form, buy your services, or take some form of action you want. To ensure that search engines find your content informative, we add pages to your site in a consistent manner to make certain the search engines take notice. We also offer a Press Release service that will further boost your branding plus provide your site with powerful links to elevate your site in the SERPs listings.

Content Syndication

One valuable service we provide in a full SEO campaign is Content Syndication. This means we send your web page content to other high authority websites. By sending rich content web pages to other sites as we create the content for your site, the search engines will see the backlinks and the unique content on your site. This syndicated content published online including backlinks to your website will be read by Google reinforcing your content as well as increasing your search results.

Search Engine Marketing

As part of the overall Internet marketing plan to bring traffic and clients to your website, we can provide expertise in Search Engine Marketing, also known as Pay Per Click (PPC) or Pay For Traffic. We provide SEM services utilizing AdWords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, and other viable online ad platforms to compliment and enhance your optimization visibility.

We offer the Pay Per Click advertising model as a service that is independent from your SEO campaign because some of out clients prefer to use only our SEO services. We encourage you to consider this option as a method to gain immediate traffic while your website SEO campaign is building credibility for your website. One way to categorize these different campaigns is to consider Pay Per Click as a “sprint”, while your SEO is considered a “marathon.”

Social Media Management

Social Media is now an important traffic source as well as an indication how your website is being received. It is an important part of optimization process to use a constructive and interactive Social Media plan to improve website traffic and conversions.

Our Social Media Management Team has programs to manage and produce content for your website across all the Social Media platforms. Our Content Creation and Syndication Team works with the Search Engine Marketing Team in a collaborative format to maximize the benefits of all our website optimization resources. The goal of integrating Social Media with your website is to increase viable, active traffic for leads and conversions. Our SEO Team, supervises a cohesive package to ensure that all our efforts, including Social Media Management are working together to improve your website results.

Tracking and Reporting

We provide our clients excellent tracking and reporting on your website performance. We provide you with a monthly report so you can track the progress of your campaign. We track search engine keywords, search engine ranking, visits, traffic peaks, and conversions. We break down your reports by devices used, i.e., desktops, laptops, mobile devices, along with conversions in each.

We also track metrics that are important to us and shared with you, web browsers used, internet connections used and mobile devices. We will guide you through the data and metrics showing you our performance and how we can improve your website visibility.

How Can I Get Started?

We are a full service web marketing agency – we design, optimize, and manage your website performance through an integrated process of planning, development, and monitoring. To begin your free consultation call us at 503-828-6268, Contact Us, or fill out the Client Discovery Application.