Tumblr Can Be Used For SEO

Tumblr SEO Links Improve Web Presence

What Is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a website that provides for information sharing. Items that can be shared include Tumblr Post text, quotes, links, photos, videos, and music. Content can be uploaded from a cell phone, desktop computer, web browser, and email. Tumblr has been described as a hybrid Web 2.0 website with components of both a blog and a social network site (like Twitter and Facebook). Tumblr is frequently characterized as a microblog, because users often post a small amount of text content and cell phone images. This is in contras to traditional blog sites that feature longer text entries.

How Tumblr Improves SEO

A link from Tumblr helps boost your website’s authority because Tumblr has a high authority and is well trusted. If the link to your website is placed in a Tumblr blog post that is relevant to your business, this will help improve your website relevance as well. The high authority and trust from Tumblr will also be passed to your website. When placing a post on Tumblr remember to write quality content, with no keyword spam. Make your article long enough to be considered as relevant; approximately 500 words minimum. Include content that helps answer questions about your industry, this improves how the search engines will interpret your blog article.

An Example Of A Tumblr Blog Article

Tumblr tends to be popular with a younger demographic for its users when compared to other social network sites. Tumblr does require that registered users must be thirteen years of age or older. Tumblr host over 200 million individual blogs and has over 400 million users. Tumblr was founded by David Karp in 2007, and in 2013 it was purchased by Yahoo! for $1.1 Billion. In 2019 Automattic, the owner of WordPress, purchased Tumblr for $3 Million.

Although Tumblr may not seem as popular as it once was, and is no longer a cutting edge blogger site, it continues to be a stable platform for bloggers. Tumblr is also considered one of the most “trusted” sites on the web according to the search engines, like Google. Internet marketers find that links from blogs on Tumblr are quite valuable for improving trust and authority for linked sites.

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