Instructions For PayPal Payment

We use PayPal for fast and secure payments. The following instructions are used for sending a payment for a non-recurring service, such as a website design and development, Google My Business setup, or Content article. Here are 6 quick steps to send us a payment.

To Make Your Payment


1.  Login to your PayPal Account.

2.  Enter the following link in your Browser bar at the top of the browser:
This will open the Send and Request page.


3.  Enter the following email address into the “name, email, or mobile phone” box and click Next.

4.  Select “Sending To A Friend”. This will eliminate any fees and make for faster processing.


5.  Enter the Proper Amount (include the digits for cents as well) involved and click Continue.


6.  Review and confirm the information on the screen and click Send Money Now. We will receive an email confirming the payment.


Don’t Have A PayPal Account?

Opening a PayPal account is fast and secure.

Enter this URL in your Browser bar:

Follow the directions for opening a PayPal account. These are relatively simple instructions, so you should
have no issues.

Note: We are not an affiliate for PayPal services. We do not receive payment from PayPal when you open an account.