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About Google Product Reviews Update

Google released a targeted search algorithm update named the Google Product Reviews Algorithm Update. This update aims to promote review content that is original in nature and has been created using unique language and formatting. The Google Product Reviews Algorithm Update was not expected or predicted by data providers, but it’s already making waves with SEO professionals everywhere!

Although the update was significant, it was still milder than the December 2020 Core Update. Google released the Product Reviews Algorithm Update on November 12th and it’s already been followed by multiple updates. This update is now live, but all of this can change at any time as indicated in a statement from Google: “The changes are rolling out gradually over the coming weeks.”

Not As Big As A Core Update

While this was a big update, it was not as large as a core update, say data providers. Google released the Product Reviews Algorithm Update on November 12th, 2020, as a targeted search algorithm update that aims to promote review content that is not just original in nature, but has also been created using unique language and formatting.

Note: This update was predicted by data providers who are experts in SEO/Search Engine Optimization industry updates.

The Impact For SEO Industry

There was a significant amount of chatter about this update within the SEO industry the following few days after this update was announced. This is because many SEO experts believe that Google wants to promote review content on their search engine result pages.

There were individuals saying they saw as little as 25% drops in traffic and as much as 60% drops in traffic. In other words there is a huge range in how much impact this update has made to Google product reviews.

The issue with most algorithms, including the Product Reviews Algorithm Update by Google, is that they are not fully disclosed and shared publicly for understanding purposes of what type of content will be favored or penalized. Many experts believe Google’s Products Reviews Algorithm Update is one of the best Google updates in a while because it is promoting content that has originality and unique qualities.

What To Do If Your Site Drops In Rankings

Google has given advice on what to consider if you are negatively impacted by this product reviews update. Google’s best advice is to work on providing the most original and useful content you can. The other thing Google recommends doing if your site has been negatively impacted by this review update is to look at what keywords are impacting your rankings in search engines, identify them and make sure they are included in your product reviews.

Is it time for SEO and PPC professionals to rethink keyword strategy? Google’s latest product reviews algorithm update has thrown a wrench in the plans of many SEO and PPC professionals.

Recommended Solutions

Optimize your site with original content that is useful, actionable and unique.

Make sure you are including keywords on pages for both search engine optimization as well as pay per click advertising purposes.

Use tools like Google Webmaster Tools to identify if there are any issues with crawling or indexing your site/content from being indexed by web crawlers. Fix these problems so you can be ranked better in SERP’s.

Conclusion About This Google Algorithm Update

The Google product reviews update will require significant editing for some website owners, but Google is making a change for the better. The update will make it more difficult to rank and promote sites that are low quality or use spammy tactics, so if you have been following these practices in recent years, now might be time to rethink your keyword strategy. Many in the industry believe this algorithm will hit affiliate sites particularly hard since many affiliate site promoting products are basically a copy of the manufacturer’s information.

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