Successful Pay Per Click Campaign Creation

Your Campaign Management

We monitor the results from each ad to ensure that they are effective and bringing new customers to your website.  We use multiple ads for the same key terms to test which ones work best (A/B Testing).  This helps us find the very best ads for your campaign.

The buying market is constantly changing, so we must stay current by analyzing the trends in the search results. This gives us insight into how we can craft your PPC ads to gain more site visitors. We investigate the user trendings to find out where the clicks are going so we can take advantage of this information to make these clicks go to your site.

We make certain your PPC spend (budget) is being used efficiently.  We will continuously alter PPC bids based on ROI goals so we use the best keywords for conversion targets.

We use in depth and sophisticatd reports that gather necessary information so we can accurately manage your PPC accounts. We make sure you don’t have to guess when it comes to your PPC campaigns. Whether it’s campaign changes, new user trends, or new data we find from our testing, it’s important you’re kept updated and involved.

As we monitor and manage your campaign, we will find and report insights into how your PPC spend is implemented and what are you receiving in return.

By tracking your PPC conversions, we know which ads and which keywords are converting and sending traffic to your site so we can make accurate adjustments to further improve your campaign.

Pay Per Click Marketing FAQ

Our PPC management fee starts at a vey affordable $250 per month. Factors that determine pricing include the geographic area of your market, the competition in your target market, and your business’ industry.  As your campaign spend increases, we adjust pricing on a percentage basis to keep your costs down.

We manage pay per click campaigns on Google Ads primarily and we can also provide Facebook Ads and Bing Ads. Between these platforms they cover over 90+% of the search traffic in the US. We typically recommend to our clients to advertise with these three dominant services because they have the quality search engines to return the best search results for your target customers.

Pay per click paid search expenses are entirely dependent upon your budget.  If you are working with a limited budget spend we make every effort to effectively find qualified traffic without wasting your fundes. Not sure about how to budget your PPC ad dollars?  We can offer you data about your market and make recommendations that will give you the best results.

We have certified Google AdWords, Bing Paid Search specialists, and FaceBook Ad specialists on staff and they specialize in nothing but Pay Per Click campaigns. By using skilled professionals who limit their activities to PPC we can provide you, our client, the best return on investment.  Managing a pay per click campaign program requires full time attention so we make certain your paid search receives excellent service from experts.

Pay per click advertising will deliver almost traffic to your site beginning the very first day your campaign is activated. As your campaign continues we will use the data we compile to make adjustments to improve the program.  This will boost the effective use of your PPC marketing budget achieving the best results possible and improve your campaign ROI.

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