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Using Strategic SEO Tools For Google Ranking

There are several methods for using Strategic Marketing tools for ranking websites and web properties.

The following techniques are adaptations from a large number of courses and MasterMinds. Because there are non-disclosure policies
in effect, I cannot divulge all the techniques and strategies.

Google My Business

  1. Build out Google My Business account for your target city(ies) including a reasonable GMB website. Do this even if there is no
    Google Maps listings (3 Pack) for your market niche/category.
  2. Create GMB Posts regularly (that means daily)
  3. Share the GMB Posts on Facebook and Twitter.
  4. Send Google Viper Traffic to:
    1. Google My Business Website
    2. GMB Posts

Examples of high quality GMB Posts at Gravity Fitness And Tennis:
Martial Arts Classes
Gym At Fitness Center

Google Sites (G Sites)

Google sites have high authority because Google loves itself. I recommend building out 5 G Sites per Google Account that link
directly to you money site.

Use more than one Google account if you need to create more than 5 G Sites for your money (aka target) website.

For each Google site add:

  • GMB Map embed.
  • Youtube videos.
  • Google Sheet with Strategic Marketing Network Embeds or other link building sites.
  • Google Doc with links similar to Step 2.
  • Other Google assets like Slides, Calendar, PDFs, Images.

Text for your Google Sites can be SpinTax/Spun text.
You can also keyword stuff these sites and send keyword links to your money site.

Here is an example of a Google Site using Spun text.
Gym In Hailey Idaho

You can cut and paste JavaScript code from Quackit JavaScript Code.

Notice there is 45 second delay in the Javascript, written as 45000 milliseconds. This gives Google a reasonable “time on site” calculation, rather than an immediate
redirect, which could be a red flag for Google.

This web page redirects to the Google: Google Site For Gravity Fitness And Tennis.

Placing Redirect code on the G Sites

The first targeted G site will redirect to another G site until the Target Money Site page is opened.

How to place Redirect code in a Google site page. Install a Redirect Gadget in the G Site code:

  • Open the G Site in edit mode.
  • Click on Insert on the menu.
  • Click on More gadgets
  • Key in: URL Redirector Modified (This is the Embed gadget you need for entering the Javascript redirect code).
  • Enter the URL you want to redirect TO:
  • Click OK to save the URL Redirect Modifier gadget.
  • Save the Google Site page.

Here’s an image of the URL Redirector Modified embed gadget:

Redirect gadget for cascading web pages

Repeat this process until you get to the final G Site. On the final G Site in the Cascade, use the URL Redirector Modified code to open the page you want to promote.
This creates cascading Redirects that pull Google authority from one site to another. These sites will never be penalized because they are Google sites!

Important Notes

A G Site Cascade can be started on a page within the target (money) site. It probably doesn’t matter, however, we recommend using a web page from a site that is
not on the target site.

The Google Traffic Viper does a good job of recording the start time for the initial web page, however, it tends to stop recording for the remainder of the Cascade.
Therefore, I cannot be entirely certain the Cascade does complete properly. It always completes manually, however, the Google Traffic Viper may stop the progress
after a certain amount of time. I will test to see if setting the Javascript timer to zero makes any difference in the Google Traffic Viper.

Does All This Work?

Yes, these techniques work very well. Our client sites all rank in the top 3 in GMB Maps listings and Google Organic search

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