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In addition to Internet Marketing with SEO (search engine optimization), Vancouver WA SEO designs and develops websites for our clients. We use a variety of techniques depending upon the client’s needs.  The most popular approach is the fully Responsive website using WordPress content management system.  Another technique is the development of a strictly Mobile website. This website platform will only appear when a site visitor is using a small device such as an iPad, notebook, or mobile device to access a website. A website style that is gaining popularity very rapidly is the Responsive Static HTML5 and CSS website.  The Static website is now an excellent website style since the fast page load speed is much faster than a website developed using WordPress.  Page load speed is now very important since the Google search engine is using it as one of the factors in its search engine rankings.


  • WordPress
  • Static HTML5 and CSS
  • Mobile Sites
  • Full Responsive
  • Micro Websites