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Did you know that website visitors who watch promotional videos are 64% more likely to buy a product or service on the web than those who don’t see a video? Some metrics show even higher rates than 64%! (see sources below). Also, site visitors will spend 2 minutes more on a website’s pages that have some kind of video. This really improves a web owner’s opportunity to connect with people to make sales, to have them opt-in to get an email address, or make a phone call.

The online video marketing niche is rapidly becoming the most important (some say the Best) means of marketing your business services or corporate brand on the search engines. You can also use online video marketing in web directories or Internet yellow pages for greater impact with those campaigns. Because approximately 50% of people who view online promotional videos take action after viewing, businesses are reaping the rewards of improved sales, more contacts, more leads, and just plain better Internet marketing ROI.

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Vancouver WA SEO will create those attention grabbing videos for your services or your products that make site visitors act right now! Our videos will bring you the results you want and generate revenues. Our team of professional Internet video producers will develop spot on, highly engaging videos that move people from site visitor to paying clients or customers.

Facts To Consider . . .

  • 90% of ALL Internet traffic is video.
  • Billions of hours are consumed by people watching YouTube and other video sites.
  • 96% of all people who make online purchases watch online videos before buying.

Web Video Equals Opportunity

Because video production for the web is less when compared to other modes of direct advertising, it just makes sense to go for it. Potential clients/customers are already there . . . meet them on the web, where they are located. Savy business owners like you, know this is a smart decision. Show your clients with video and engage them fully with video. Text and images are great; they tell a story and people like that. Video captures instant attention and interest and a professionally produced video will move them to action and sales.

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Statistics vary, however, we are quite positive that the numbers we quote in this article are accurate.  For further information, go to this web page: