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    Why Your Site Needs Mobile SEO Now!

    On April 21, 2015 Google implemented a new algorithm to check for Google Mobile Friendliness for all websites.  If your site does not pass the new Google Mobile Friendly Test, there is a strong probability that your site will be penalized in the Google rankings.

    Here’s a video that explains the Google Mobile Friendly test and the impact of failing that test

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    Website optimization for mobile devices is now critical! Sales of mobile devices are now greater than sales for desktop computers. Mobile phones and other mobile devices are now used more often than desktop computers to access the Internet. Statistics already show that 52% of online shopping in the UK comes from smartphones and tablets.

    User Experience Counts

    It’s already been shown conclusively that 67 percent of mobile users state that they would likely purchase from a website where they’ve enjoyed a previous positive experience. Website owners are now tweaking or, in some cases completely re-designing, their websites to accommodate a mobile friendly environment. Savvy SEO professionals have been well ahead of the curve, urging their clients to make this move two, three, and four years ago. Responsive web design is the development rule for our clients’ sites at www.vancouverwaseo.org services.

    VancouverWASEO.org offers:

    • Mobile search optimization
    • Mobile website accessibility
    • Mobile search visibility
    • Mobile site usability

    We make certain your website will be ranked in the search engines AND will display accurately. This ensures your site visitors will find the information they need on your site.

    Get Your Mobile Search Engine Optimization

    Concerned with your site looks and feels on mobile search? Want to get the top mobile rankings as well? Contact Vancouver Wa SEO.org today or call 503-828-6268.

    Google mobile

    Maile Ohye from Google talks about improving your site for mobile experience

    Update: Google Expands Mobile-Friendly Algorithm