How do Search Engines Work?

Here’s the short version of how Google works: The Internet is composed of over one trillion unique web pages. These pages have links known as “hyperlinks” to other pages that form the network we call the Web. Google uses computer programs known as “spiders” or “bot” to follow these links wherever they may go. By doing so, Google is able to come up with a picture of how the Internet is structured as well as analyze the content on each of those pages. When a user keyboards in a search query, Google will scan its massive database of web pages to find ones that the user would likely judge to be the most useful. So, a search for “SEO  and SEO optimization tips” might result in Google displaying links to blog posts which describe SEO optimization tips in depth. These links are sorted from position 1 to usually somewhere in the millions, depending on how many results are returned for the search.

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How Do I Make My Website Show Up Higher in the Search Engines?

If you are a business owner, the most important question on your mind is likely this: “How do I get my company’s site to show up on the first page in the Google search results?” The answer is three simple letters . . . SEO . . . or Search Engine Optimization. SEO encompasses a variety of different techniques for helping web pages show up higher in the search results. Primarily, these techniques are focused around the two main focal points of SEO: content and links. FYI . . . You can try SEO for yourself, also known as DIY SEO, or save yourself months or years of frustration and hire a real SEO services company to put you at the top of the search engine rankings.

In SEO . . . Content Is King

In the realm of search engine optimization, content is perhaps the most important factor in the success of a web site. Think about it: Why do you visit a website? It’s probably not to admire the particular color palette of its design. Instead, you are looking for useful information or to do something, like purchase baseball tickets. In order to be successful – that means your web site ranks at the top of the search engine results, you need to be providing your users with the information they are seeking (baseball game times) or give them the ability to do the action (purchasing baseball tickets) they are seeking.

The use of keywords in content is essential. If you are trying to have a web page rank for the search query “Best used cars in Boston,” then you should use this keyword a few times throughout your content, particularly in its headline and introductory paragraph. Of course, you don’t want it appearing in the content too many times – that’s what is known as “keyword stuffing,” and is frowned upon by Google.

The Importance of Links in SEO

Just because you have the most expertly-researched and definitive article on the Internet for a particular topic doesn’t mean that the search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo! are going to immediately put you at the top of the results listings. While this does sometimes happen for less competitive keywords, many pages require links from other sites that are relevant to the content on the page. The process of acquiring new links to your site is often difficult and time-consuming, but it is absolutely necessary for most sites. The higher quality links you have pointing to one of your web pages, the greater the chance that Google will place more trust in that page. The more quality links your site has coming pointing to individual web pages, the higher your site will rank in the Google, and other search engine rankings.

Why Do I Need a Search Engine Optimization Expert?

An expert SEO consultant will help your business to come up with a strategy for attracting new customers through the search engines and social media channels. Having been in the trenches and intuitively learned about what works in SEO and what doesn’t work, a veteran SEO analyst is capable of propelling your website’s pages to the top of the search results. Through the use of keyword research, on-page content optimization, and link acquisition, a professional SEO services company can help you to define a clear path to your goals. is YOUR Professional SEO Services Company! We have a proven record of success with years of experience dealing with Search Engine Rankings, especially Google!!!! Call us at 503-828-6268 or use our convenient Discovery Form so we can help you now. OK, so now you know . . . Contact us for SEO in Vancouver WA.