What Satisfied Clients Say About Our SEO Services

Weavers' School Is Topping The Google Charts

  • Vancouver WA SEO built my website and included the SEO for the Weavers’ School website. When you Google for several terms related to weaving courses and training my site comes up first and second. The site is number one for weaving course, weaving courses, weaver school, weaver loom school.  In the last four years, my business has doubled, and all of the increase is from the website and classes are now booked well in advance.

    Madelyn van der Hoogt
    Madelyn van der HoogtThe Weavers' School

Local Company's Website Brings In New Business

  • Vancouver WA SEO search engine optimization performs miracles! My site rankings are way up, especially for the Google search engine, with many Number 1 website rankings. The website now has several Number One rankings and over 20 top 5 rankings on Google for important search terms. This is just amazing. The Internet marketing work plus the web site development has turned my business around. I'm getting a lot more traffic to my site and a lot more phone calls, too. My company is located in Woodland, WA, but I can travel while still running the company.  The Google rankings help make my business totally portable.  The continued high rankings over time is extraordinary, it just keeps working  and I'm extremely pleased with the team at Vancouver WA SEO!  . . . . UPDATE 2015:  My new website looks incredible, too.

    Geoff Hollander
    Geoff HollanderNW Database

Police Software Gets Top Rankings

  • The team at Vancouver WA SEO went above and beyond promoting our police evidence software.  We wanted to target a big city market, so we chose Los Angeles and in 60 days the guys had us ranked #1 through #3 for top search terms like police evidence software and chain of custody management; these are really important for us.  We had never even come close to these rankings before.  This was a big boost for our website.  Thanks for all the hard work.

    Andy Lohrman
    Andy LohrmanExhibit-A Evidence Software

Sales Pro Ranks #1

  • I consider myself very lucky to have met Scott Walker, the Wizard of SEO. There are over 3 billion pages on the web, and Scott will put yours at the top of all of them. If you want an example, just search 'No Objection Selling' and see where he placed my web site. - Paul French, Owner, No Objection Selling Institute

    Paul French
    Paul FrenchNo Objection Selling

#1 In Multiple Cities for Database Programming Company

  • Without benefiting from advanced SEO fine tuning my business web site would be buried in Google. Therefore, I have relied heavily on Scott Walker at Vancouver WA SEO for leads.  The SEO for my site has kept me at the top of Google, and other search engines for over four years.  My site, www.AccessibleDataSolutions.com, consistently dominates the landscape for my keywords. I receive so many leads from my site that I actually now make income from referring prospects to other companies.  I am VERY thankful to have Vancouver WA SEO as a business partner.

    Jim Foxworthy
    Jim FoxworthyAccessible Data Solutions