The SEO Heatmap

Heatmap Shows Top Ranking
Significant For Traffic

A Google Heat Map is a visual representation of how users utilize Google search  utilizing data taken from user eye-tracking studies.  Areas colored in red are the areas users look at the most.  Fewer user views are indicated by yellow and the least views are shown in blue.  Brighter intensity is an indicator of more clicks.

The Google Heat Map – Major Indicators

The Google Heat Map makes one point very clear – Being above the fold is important. Human eye studies show that we read left to right plus we also read top to bottom. Although we already know these facts, the heat map really drives the point home. The Google “Top Ten” is an admirable target, but being “Above the fold” definitely requires a Top Five Google ranking.

Why The Google Top Five Is A Major Goal
For Search Engine Optimization

Google Heat Map

Analysis from research studies show that 72% of web search users click on the first five (5) results. That means your if your site ranks in the Top Five of the Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) you have a huge opportunity for click through traffic.
Organic Listings Still Beat AdWords

The heat map studies also show that organic, aka natural search, listings still get more clicks and more attention than paid ads. Google AdWords continues to get activity, but to get excellent results with AdWords, your website should also have strong organic rankings.

Heat map results for Page 2 mirror the results for Page 1 listings. The higher the rankings, the more attention the listing will receive. So, once again, it is certainly better to be above the fold and higher in the rankings.

8 Million Clicks Prove Page One The Place To Be

In a research study that consisted of over eight (8) million user clicks, 94% of users clicked on a Page One result and fewer than 6% clicked on a Page Two result. The takeaway from this study is clear . . . a website that ranks on the first page of Google has a huge advantage over a website that ranks on the second page or beyond.

Thanks to Henrik Sandberg at heat map for sharing this information with us.

What You Can Do Right Now!!!

If your website DOES NOT rank on Page One of the Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) for your most important key terms, then your website is, for all practical purposes – invisible.

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