SEO Vancouver WA Top SEO Rankings
SEO Vancouver WA Top SEO Rankings
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Mobile Optimization
Social Media Connection for SEO in Vancouver WA
Social Media Connection for SEO in Vancouver WA
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Does your website feel like a ghost town, no matter how much time and energy you spend on it? Do you feel like the invisible business, having to spend a ton of money on advertising just to get a few prospects in the door? How great would it be for your website to be doing a lot more of that work for you?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the art of attracting prospects to your site. Over the past few years, the tactics of SEO have changed dramatically. If your website isn’t up to par, the only way folks are likely to find it is through a search for your company name. That’s not a good business strategy.

What’s the best way to start getting the results you want from your website? Simple – just fill out the Discovery Form and we’ll set up a time to discuss your website marketing.

If you’re looking for:

  • An improved and optimized website
  • Mobile-friendly site compatibility
  • Improved visibility on the search engines for your best search terms
  • Clarity on what those search terms are and how to use them
  • Ability to be on-par or outrank your competition
  • Higher traffic flow to your website
  • More action from those visitors, resulting in more clients for you

So how can you get to the top of Google with a trusted SEO expert? Simple – put your trust in Vancouver WA SEO. We’ve helped countless companies reach their online visibility goals, and we can do the same for you.

SEO Has Big Time Advantages

Find out the major BENEFITS of top rankings using SEO


Research shows that websites ranking near the top of search engines results (aka SERPs) receive 80% of all their traffic from search engines.

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When your site ranks at the top of the search engines for the important keywords, your clients & customers will find your business before your competitors.

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When your website ranks at the top of the search engines for several of your key business search terms, your business looks like a leader in your industry.

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Top rankings elevate your website into a major and highly important business asset that produces measurable results over and over.

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Choosing An SEO Consultant

Search engine optimization ( SEO ) and marketing Vancouver WAIf you do a search for “SEO Vancouver WA” you’ll get lots of results so, how do your find the one who will work with you to get that all important top ranking? How do you know Vancouver WA SEO is the expert SEO you need? But you’re here now and that’s because we know how to get top search engine rankings or one of our clients recommended us to you. At Vancouver WA SEO we get your site to the top of the Google SERPs (search engine result pages) using time tested and highly ethical SEO. When you discuss your online marketing campaignwith us, we’ll help you come to the conclusion we’re the SEO firm for you.

Our Client Feedback

  • Without benefiting from advanced SEO fine tuning my business web site would be buried in Google. Therefore, I have relied heavily on Scott Walker at Vancouver WA SEO for leads.  The SEO for my site has kept me at the top of Google, and other search engines for over four years.  My site,, consistently dominates the landscape for my keywords. I receive so many leads from my site that I actually now make income from referring prospects to other companies.  I am VERY thankful to have Vancouver WA SEO as a business partner.

    Jim Foxworthy
    Jim FoxworthyAccessible Data Solutions
  • I consider myself very lucky to have met Scott Walker, the Wizard of SEO. There are over 3 billion pages on the web, and Scott will put yours at the top of all of them. If you want an example, just search 'No Objection Selling' and see where he placed my web site. - Paul French, Owner, No Objection Selling Institute

    Paul French
    Paul FrenchNo Objection Selling
  • Vancouver WA SEO built my website and included the SEO for the Weavers’ School website. When you Google for several terms related to weaving courses and training my site comes up first and second. The site is number one for weaving course, weaving courses, weaver school, weaver loom school.  In the last four years, my business has doubled, and all of the increase is from the website and classes are now booked well in advance.

    Madelyn van der Hoogt
    Madelyn van der HoogtThe Weavers' School
  • Vancouver WA SEO search engine optimization performs miracles! My site rankings are way up, especially for the Google search engine, with many Number 1 website rankings. The website now has several Number One rankings and over 20 top 5 rankings on Google for important search terms. This is just amazing. The Internet marketing work plus the web site development has turned my business around. I'm getting a lot more traffic to my site and a lot more phone calls, too. My company is located in Woodland, WA, but I can travel while still running the company.  The Google rankings help make my business totally portable.  The continued high rankings over time is extraordinary, it just keeps working  and I'm extremely pleased with the team at Vancouver WA SEO!  . . . . UPDATE 2015:  My new website looks incredible, too.

    Geoff Hollander
    Geoff HollanderNW Database

Why You Should Avoid Cheap And Unethical SEO Companies

Low priced spam generated links scattered from dubious sources throughout the Internet may provide a short term uptick in rankings, but these will soon be spotted by the search engines. When Google finds this spam, it triggers the “Google penalty” which can drastically damage your website rankings and can result in a complete “Black Flag” that will totally remove a site from the Google listings.

What can you expect from an Ethical SEO Company?

Ethical search engine optimization professionals, like Vancouver WA SEO, develop high quality links that Google trusts and this results in a better search engine ranking in a relatively short time. A site with a proper theme and content rich pages is one of the primary methods for securing a top and stable ranking. By including Social Media, Google will see your site as authoritative and meaningful. Ethical SEO means quality in every aspect of your website’s marketing campaign.

This is what Vancouver WA SEO does for YOU

We develop the best in high premium links for your site, but the Google search engine is now “testing” for several quality factors. Our strategy to boost your site to the top of rankings includes many powerful techniques based on the most current Google indicators . Your site will be generating consistent quality content and we design that content to create positive links to your site and social signals on an ongoing basis. Google is constantly checking for the best links and the strong signals to differentiate the best sites from the sites using unethical spammy sites. Here at Vancouver WA SEO, we are dedicated to your best interest and developing a long term partner relationship with you. Our exclusive ranking strategy gets top rankings ASAP and WITH long term safety. We know you’re investing your important marketing dollars and we make certain those dollars are well invested now and in the future. Got questions? Let us help you . . . We’ll answer your questions ASAP.

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